Mellow Valley International School (MVIS) has a lifelong commitment to foster the knowledge, life skills, religious and cultural identity, and values of our students through critical engagement with the best of international education coupled with the knowledge of religious and local traditions, and the incorporation of a Life Skill Program in the context of the contemporary world.


Dr. Muhammad Riyas V.B
Founder & Director, MVIS

As all of you know, Mellow Valley International School embark into a new journey of growth and learning and we are now starting the first phase of our long journey towards knowledge & prosperity. Our staff and administration are committed to helping each and every student work to their full potential. Our school strives in placing a high emphasis on balanced literacy, numeracy, inquiry-based learning, and outdoor education. Our code of conduct is meant to help them reflect upon their own actions and draw conclusions and lessons for the future. A variety of progressive discipline strategies are in place and will be applicable as required. As the Director of Mellow Valley Group of Institutions, I am more than willing to do all it takes to make our schools outstanding institutions, where our students are nurtured through mind, body, and soul. Let's join hands together to create a CROWD that makes you PROUD!!! I'm sure, Together we CAN; and we WILL make a difference!!!

Core Values

21st Century Skills

Students are prepared for a future fled with unknowns. Digital citizenship and communication, creativity and analytical thinking, and the ability to thrive in a constantly changing world will be essential for future success.

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Inclusive Culture

Enriched experiences, viewpoints & talents engage our school community. Inclusion is about action, not just words – students feel a sense of belonging, feel they can realize their potential & contribute to school life in a meaningful way.

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Academic Excellence

Students are empowered to do their best in whatever they do, to reach for the highest level of individual achievement, and to cultivate a personal sense of responsibility as their skills and talents develop. Intrinsic value is instilled in the students as they discover the delight in acquiring knowledge through innovative learning opportunities as they become confident that goals and dreams are achievable

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News and Events

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MVIS’s educational program is inspired by acclaimed teaching methodologies to provide a truly global educational experience. At MVIS, we provide a cutting edge curriculum that draws from the best practices around the world to instil a love for learning and a passion to become lifelong learners.

  • Green Campus
  • Litterary Hub
  • Language Lab
  • Health Club
  • Safe residential hostel for girls and boys (From STD IV)
  • Handicraft training centre
  • Educational and career workshops
  • Cultural exchange with foreign students
  • Soil interaction pool
  • World standard training and counselling
  • Digital library
  • Smart class rooms
  • Swimming pool
  • Horse riding